Do I Need Special Lighting for My Bathroom?

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One of the most satisfying ways to wind down after a long day is to kick off your shoes and take a long bath or shower. The right kind of lighting can help to create a truly relaxing atmosphere and can make all the difference to the ambience of your bathroom. However, it’s safe to say that electricity and water don’t make a good combination.

Bathrooms are unique in that they house a great deal of moisture, therefore it is important to consider what type of lighting you choose before installation. There are a multitude of options to choose from and here at Dusk Lighting, we can give you all the advice you need to give your bathroom a truly luxurious atmosphere.

Regulations on bathroom lighting

There are very specific regulations in place on bathroom lighting to prevent potential electrical accidents and power outages. To make things a little bit easier, bathrooms are divided into multiple zones to assist with choosing the correct type of fitting for each area.

Bathroom light fittings are given an Ingress Protection (IP) number which helps to identify how resistant the fitting is to various levels of moisture. The higher the IP rating, the safer and more resistant the fitting is. Each IP rating contains two numbers; the first number relates to the level of protection against foreign objects (such as dust) and the second illustrates the level of protection against water.

These are the current IP Ratings for moisture:

  • x0: Provides no protection against liquids
  • x1: Suitable for areas prone to condensation
  • x2: Direct sprays of water from up to 15 degrees vertical
  • x3: Direct sprays of water from up to 60 degrees vertical
  • x4: Water sprayed from all directions
  • x5: Low-pressure jets of water
  • x6: High-pressure jets of water
  • x7: Immersion between 15cm and 1m
  • x8: Immersion at up to 1m

What are bathroom lighting zones?

There are currently four zones to every bathroom:

  • Zone 0 covers areas within your shower or bath. The best type of lighting for Zone 0 is low voltage, with an IP rating of around x7.
  • Zone 1 is situated above your bath or shower at a height of 2.25m above floor level.
  • Zone 2 – The area stretching roughly 0.6m outside of the bath.
  • Not Zoned – Any area beyond Zone 2. Previously known as Zone 3, there is no specific IP rating for this area and most lighting types may be used unless labelled as unsuitable for bathrooms.

Zones may vary depending on the size and composition of your bathroom.

What are my options?

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There are multiple ways to light up your washroom, depending on the aesthetic and function you want to achieve.

Ceiling lights are traditional and provide optimum lighting for your bathroom. They are ideal for when you’re getting ready and require greater visibility.

Downlights and spotlights are also very popular and add a more modern touch to your bathroom. They are discreet, sitting flush to the ceiling and can be angled to different areas of your bathroom where you may require better lighting. They often require more work during installation but are a wonderful way to incorporate widespread light to your space.

Wall lights can provide extra illumination in specific areas and are a more relaxed and subdued type of bathroom light. They can prove to be extremely useful if you use certain areas more than others or dislike ultra-bright lighting.

Mirrors and cabinets that incorporate lighting can add a unique and contemporary touch to your bathroom, while also providing extra storage to keep everything neat and tidy, maximising your space in the process.

There are so many types to choose from, you’re sure to discover something to fit your personal preference!

Choosing the right kind of light bulb

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Here at Dusk Lighting, we have a wide range of bathroom lighting and are confident that we can meet any requirements you may have. All of our bathroom lights are IP rated and suitable for use in humid environments.

Add a sophisticated and elegant touch with our luxury range of Astro Lighting bathroom lights.

For the environmentally conscious, why not take a look at our Saxby lighting range, which consists primarily of low-wattage LED bulbs.

It is essential that you hire an experienced, qualified electrician to install any form of lighting in your bathroom. Discover our wide range of bathroom lighting and find everything you need to create the perfect relaxing atmosphere, here at Dusk Lighting!

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