The Ultimate Guide to the Best Atmospheric Lighting: How to Create Atmosphere in your Home

Creating the perfect atmosphere is key if you’re looking to make your house a home. 

The atmosphere of your home can directly impact your mood, behaviour and outlook, so it’s important to take the time to correctly plan your interior in light of the setting you want to achieve.

Though a key contributor to atmosphere, lighting is often an overlooked component of many people’s interiors. However, when styled correctly, atmospheric lighting has the power to transform your home completely.

There are many ways to use atmospheric lighting to create the desired setting in your home. However, if you’re not sure where to start, fear not. At Dusk Lighting, we’ve combined our lighting expertise and knowledge to deliver you the 2022 Guide on the best atmospheric lighting. From the best lighting styles to expert tips and tricks, read on for all you need to know to create the perfect atmosphere in your home. 

Large corner sofa with ambient dim lighting

Table of Contents

  1. What is atmospheric lighting?
  2. Why is atmospheric lighting important?
  3. How to create ambient lighting
  4. How to create an atmosphere in your living room
  5. The best ambient lighting for a relaxing bedroom
  6. Ambient lighting for your kitchen
  7. Shop atmospheric lighting at Dusk Lighting

What is atmospheric lighting?

Atmospheric lighting, also referred to as mood lighting, is the main lighting source in a room. 

Our guide, How to Style and Light a Modern Kitchen, gives a detailed overview of the three main lighting styles: Atmospheric, functional and decorative lighting.

Aside from providing functional lighting, atmospheric lighting injects instant warmth, colour and personality into a space. 

Basic lighting fixtures such as chandeliers and ceiling lights are some of the most popular ambient lighting styles as they add charm and character to a room and can also be used to manipulate its tone.

Contemporary cream living room area with art and floor lamps

Why is atmospheric lighting important?

Our interior design directly impacts our senses: It has the power to uplift, inspire and motivate us and can also encourage relaxation and warmth. 

General room lighting provides a neutral form of lighting to illuminate an entire space. However, atmospheric lighting is key if you want to encourage a relaxing sanctuary where you can unwind from the day’s chaos or a motivating environment to inspire home-working. 

With this in mind, it’s important to plan your lighting to cater to the desired emotion of the room, which will allow you to enjoy your space as intended fully.

Leather sofa and a table lamp positioned to the left of it

The best ways to create ambient lighting in your home

Atmospheric, functional and decorative lighting styles all have their place in your home. However, when it comes to creating atmosphere, the best interior designs use all three lighting styles to create a unique environment.

Below, we’ve covered the best ways to create atmosphere with different lighting styles in your home and the most important things to consider. 

Consider the function of your room

It’s vital to consider a room’s purpose before planning atmospheric lighting. 

Creating the right atmosphere depends on what kind of environment you’re seeking and can also come down to personal preferences: What you consider relaxing or inspiring might be very different to what someone else does, so finding the right lighting styles to suit you can take some research.

Once you have established the function of your room and the tone you’d like to achieve, you can begin to create a lighting plan that compliments it to make the most of your space.

For example, your bedroom should be a relaxing environment where you can unwind from the day. Position reading lights on either side of your headboard to draw attention to your bed, creating a beautiful focal point and a serene setting in the process. 

Similarly, our contemporary collection of dimmable wall lights is an excellent way to create an atmosphere in your home, as they allow you to adjust the level of lighting to suit your mood. 

Stylish, rustic table lamp lit up against a wooden decor background

Opt for dimmable lights

Dimmable lights are one of the best atmospheric lighting styles. They are versatile and flexible and allow you to control the atmosphere of your surroundings depending on the time of day, the task at hand, or your personal preferences. 

For instance, if you’re looking to transform your living room into a warm, welcoming haven, you can dim your atmospheric lighting to create a soft, warm glow. 

At Dusk Lighting, we have a fantastic selection of dimmable light bulbs to help influence the atmosphere of your home: Keep them at their brightest for a livelier ambience, or gently dim them to create a low, cosy setting.

Circular globe desk lamp lit up on stacked stylish boxes next to a bed

Layer your lighting

The best atmospheric lighting combines different lighting styles. By layering different lights, you can create a unique environment and stylishly influence the mood of your space.

Layering your lighting is also a great way to emphasise the unique focal points in your home, allowing you to put your stamp of personality into your interior.

Before planning your lighting, it’s important to consider the purpose of your space and decide where decorative, functional and atmospheric lighting styles will work best. 

Decorative lighting, such as chandeliers and rise and fall pendant lights, can be used to attract attention and create a beautiful focal point in your space. Moreover, you can place contemporary floor lamps in dimly-lit corners to provide a beautiful blend of functional and atmospheric lighting.

When done correctly, mixing and matching multiple light sources allows for a truly unique and stylish interior filled with mood and personality.

Create focal points

Lighting is an excellent way to direct attention to specific areas in your home, highlighting their beauty and creating wonderful focal points that add charm, style and character to your space.

In contemporary homes, lighting is popularly used to highlight architectural features, such as a mantelpiece or archway, and unique pieces of art and furniture. 

Position picture lights above your favourite artwork to bring them to attention or make use of adjustable track lights to illuminate your room’s most beautiful features. 

The best atmospheric lighting highlights your room’s most stylish features and, when styled correctly, it is an effortless way to modernise your space and inject instant atmosphere and personality into your interior.

Contemporary, industrial styled open cage hanging lights

How to create an atmosphere in your living room

The living room is often the first pit stop after a long day. It’s a place where families gather to enjoy catching up on TV, where friends share gossip and where you can retreat to enjoy the comfort of your own space. 

To create atmosphere in your living room, you should first choose what lighting style you would like to act as the room’s primary light source. Our semi-flush ceiling lights collection is filled with attractive options to stylishly illuminate your space whilst adding a decorative look to your living room.

Next, consider the areas you would like to draw attention to, such as your artwork, sofa, or a dimly lit reading corner. You can layer smaller lights around your room to create different zones, adding warmth and texture to your interior.

Table lamps are an excellent way to draw attention to your room’s focal points and can be moved around your space if you ever feel like changing it up. Similarly, wall lights can be used to wonderfully illuminate nooks and features, adding much-needed depth and definition.

Modern mustard sofa, stylishly illuminated by long panel wall lights

At Dusk Lighting, you will find a wide range of lighting styles that can be uniquely layered in your home to create your desired atmosphere. 

Be sure to browse our lounge lighting, which includes everything from sleek lights in various finishes to complement your interior to bold statement pieces that will inject new life into your ceiling. 

The best atmospheric lighting for a relaxing bedroom

For many, the bedroom is one of the most important spaces in their home. From winding down with a book to watching TV, it is the hub of relaxation and, as such, requires lighting to match.

Dimmable lights are an excellent way to create atmosphere in your bedroom as they can be set low to prepare you for sleep. They can also be set at a higher intensity when extra light is needed to prepare for the day or to complete other tasks, making them a truly versatile option.

Our bedroom lighting collection is filled with stunning styles to help inject much-needed ambience into any bedroom. Discover everything from designer table lamps that offer the perfect finishing touch to your interior to Astro wall lights that will look captivating on either side of your bed.

Glowing table lamp positioned next to a fluffy bed with stacked pillows

The best ambient lighting for your kitchen

Out of all the rooms in your house, your kitchen is the space in which different lighting styles are most significant. 

It is not only a functional space in which tasks such as cooking and cleaning are carried out but also a place to entertain guests and relax and unwind. With this in mind, a good kitchen plan uses all three lighting styles: Ambient, decorative, and functional. 

Open plan wooden kitchen with pendant lights hanging above the central breakfast bar

As with your living room, you should first look to choose your primary source of light. No matter your kitchen layout or style, our selection of recessed ceiling lights are a perfect choice. Alternatively, if you have a kitchen island, why not install a trio of breakfast bar lights to illuminate your space and create a stylish sense of symmetry.

Next, you should highlight other areas of your kitchen: LED strip lights and undercabinet lights can be installed to create depth in your space and provide much-needed illumination for cooking and food preparation tasks. 

Need more tips? Our guide on How to Choose Kitchen Under Cabinet Lighting is filled with expert secrets to help you stylishly layer your lights to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. 

Modern black kitchen with a trio of pendant lights hanging above the central breakfast bar

Shop atmospheric lighting at Dusk Lighting

 When it comes to creating atmosphere in your home, your choice of lighting is a key player. 

However, creating atmosphere isn’t as simple as choosing one light: It’s important to consider the function of each room and layer different lightings styles to create a wonderfully unique plan that will compliment your space.

It’s also crucial to consider the different styles of lighting: Ambient, task, and decorative. The best atmospheric lighting plans include all three.

At Dusk Lighting, we offer lights to cater to every room and atmosphere. Whether you’re looking to create an intimate setting to relax in or an inspiring environment to entertain guests, our many different lighting collections have you covered.

Of course, injecting your style into your home is just as important as creating atmosphere, so if you’re looking for more ways to enhance your living space, check out our fantastic selection of funky lights. From animal-themed lamps to colour changing bulbs, this collection is the perfect way to modernise your home and showcase your personality instantly. 

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