How To Create The Right Atmosphere In Your Home

Our home is often described as a sanctuary; a place where we can relax, be ourselves and work on creating our favourite environment. For many, their home is a place to switch off and unwind, though for those who work at home it may also act as an inspiring and motivating place to live. There are many ways that we can create the right atmosphere in our homes for certain situations, and today at Dusk Lighting we’re discussing how lighting can play an important role in facilitating a calming, peaceful or romantic atmosphere.  

Creating the right atmosphere around you depends on what kind of environment you’re seeking, and what you’d consider relaxing or inspiring. For example, fairy lights in the bedroom may be the perfect accompaniment to reading or watching a film in bed for some people, but others would prefer the sophistication of a designer bedside lamp or even candles. We’re considering ways to create the the perfect atmosphere in lounges, bedrooms and kitchens and hope that you get some inspiration for your own home!

Easy living in the lounge

After kicking your shoes off in the hallway (and putting them neatly away of course!), for many people the lounge is the first stop after a long day. It’s a place where families gather to enjoy catching up on TV, where friends share gossip and where couples can retreat to in the comfort of their own space. Create a comfortable space with plenty of soft furnishings; play with textures such as faux fur throws or knitted cushion covers to bring that all important cosy element.

Light sources in the living room can vary on preference, but they often take the form of either recessed ceiling lights or a pendant, with other smaller lights around the room to create different ‘zones’. Our lounge lighting department offers some beautiful wall lights that can be installed to offer soft lighting in the living room when it’s time to turn down the lights. Wall lights work wonderfully in alcoves and can also light up your favourite framed artwork or photography. A soft glow alongside the television or scented candles can really bring about a suitable atmosphere for the lounge that can be enjoyed for a complete evening. Choose EGLO wall lights as your mood setting lighting option for the living room in stylish matt nickel and versatile grey shade for a light that will add a touch of style. 

A relaxing bedroom

We all know how rare it is that bedrooms are used simply for sleeping. Depending on the size of your home, it can also be somewhere you watch TV, do work and get ready for your day. But with so much going on in somewhere that is supposed to be the key chill out space, how do you create a relaxing atmosphere? Technology can play a huge part in how we switch off, so it may be worth choosing to literally switch off from mobiles and tablet devices in order to get a good night’s sleep. It also goes without saying that a calm, clean and tidy room can offer some relaxation too, so tidy up your bedroom before hitting the sack!

A low light is perfect for the bedroom as darker rooms are conducive to preparing for sleep. The lights available in our bedroom lighting department are on hand to help with bringing much needed ambience to any bedroom. Reading a book in bed is the perfect end to the day to many people, and the spotlights from designer lighting brand Astro which can be installed on the wall either side of the bed can be an excellent lighting choice for reading. Install separate switches so that just one light can be in use whilst your partner is sleeping for a practical bedroom lighting option.

Lighten up the mood in the kitchen

Creating a welcoming vibe in the kitchen can be easily done by baking and cooking – just think of those delicious aromas! Whether you’re hosting a dinner party with family and friends, or simply working on your weekday dinner, it’s possible to create a great atmosphere in your kitchen. Again, it’s easy to enjoy being in a room if it’s clean and tidy, so begin by wiping worktop surfaces and putting away dishes to create a sense of organisation. Get to work cooking up a storm or bake a loaf of bread to fill the entire house with an enticing scent; you should want to enjoy spending time in your kitchen!

No matter your kitchen layout and style, our selection of recessed ceiling lights will illuminate a kitchen area perfectly. Whether you also want to add various other kitchen lighting options, such as under cabinet lighting or breakfast bar lighting, a good amount of recessed ceiling lights that brings a decent amount of light into the space will no doubt liven up the look of the kitchen. Choose individual spotlights which can be adjusted to highlight certain areas, including the sink and food preparation areas, or equally spaced recessed spotlights. At Dusk Lighting we stock a wide range of recessed ceiling lights in finishes such as polished chrome, brushed aluminium and plain white, that will create an inviting atmosphere with every flick of the switch.

Getting the atmosphere right in your home can take some simple additions and accessories. Which ever way you decide on your favourite ways to create the right atmosphere in your home, Dusk Lighting will provide the perfect lighting for your home. Discover our full ranges of designer lighting in our collections of bedroom lighting, lounge lighting and kitchen lighting for further inspiration!

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