The Best Dark Hallway Lighting Ideas: How to Brighten your Hallway in 2022

Though most hallways are small and compact, the responsibility that they hold is mighty.

As well as being a functional space in which shoes, coats and bags are removed, they are also the first place to greet us as we return home from work, and they set the tone for the rest of our interior; so it’s vital that this area is well lit and styled to give the right first impression.

Of course, most hallways are narrow passages with little light and inadequate room, so it can be tempting to neglect this overlooked space and focus on lighting other areas of the home. However, there are various ways to lighten and brighten your dark hallway to make the most of it. 

With this in mind, here at Dusk Lighting, we’ve combined our lighting expertise and product knowledge to deliver you the best dark hallway lighting ideas for your home. From dark hallways with no natural light to cramped foyers in need of TLC, read on for all you need to know about how to lighten a dark hallway. 

Table of Contents

  1. What to consider when brainstorming dark hallway lighting ideas
  2. The best ceiling lights for dark hallways
  3. Dark Hallway Solutions
  4. Small hallway lighting ideas
  5. LED Hallway lighting
  6. How to brighten up a dark hallway with no natural light
  7. How to brighten up a dark hallway with no windows
  8. Wallpaper for narrow hallways
  9. Shop dark hallway lights at Dusk Lighting today

What to consider when brainstorming dark hallway lighting ideas

Hallways are high-traffic, functional areas, so when considering the best lighting for dark hallways, it’s important to consider your hallway’s purpose, shape, and what other rooms it leads into.

If you’re shopping for dark hallway lights for a long, narrow foyer with little space, it is best to shop for lighting that does not take up as much space, such as recessed wall scones or ceiling lights. This lighting style will allow you to personalise your hallway’s lighting experience and atmosphere without creating a cramped and cluttered environment.

On the other hand, if your hallway is on the larger side, it’s important to give your room a charm and personality of its own. Lighting is a great way to do this: You can showcase your unique style by installing bold and brilliant lighting fixtures such as chandeliers or by styling statement floor lamps in areas that need illumination. 

The best ceiling lights for dark hallways

Most hallways are long, dark and cluttered; however, the right lighting can transform this space from a dull and dreary entrance into a warm and welcoming foyer. Below, we’ve listed the top three ceiling lighting styles that you can choose to illuminate a dark hallway stylishly. 

Recessed ceiling lights

Recessed ceiling lights, also known as ceiling downlights or spotlights, offer a subtle, sleek and sophisticated illumination style. Due to their recessed design, they take up minimal space, making them a great choice for dimly lit hallways. 

Our collection of recessed ceiling lights at Dusk Lighting offers a variety of styles for you to discover, including adjustable and dimmable designs which allow you to target specific areas in your hallway and adjust the lighting atmosphere to suit the tone of your interior. 

Semi-flush ceiling lights

Semi-flush ceiling lights are the perfect choice for dark hallways with low ceilings. Fitted close to the ceiling but not flush with it, they are an excellent way to create an illusion of spaciousness in smaller rooms whilst still allowing you to enjoy contemporary lighting styles. 

Semi-flush ceiling lights are available in various designs, including everything from elegant pendant lights to industrial-themed ceiling lights, so you can enjoy your favourite lighting styles without compromising on space, style or light in your hallway.

Rise and fall pendants 

Rise and fall pendant lights are a truly versatile lighting style. They feature an adjustable stem, allowing you to alter the light to various heights and thus complement the shape and design of your hallway perfectly.  

Lighting for dark hallways should be functional; However, it should also add to the personality and theme of your home. Rise and fall pendants do just that: Their modern style offers an instant decorative focal point that will create a warm welcome for guests and will effortlessly elevate your home design. 

Dark Hallway Solutions

Once you have chosen the best lighting for your dark hallway, it’s important to style it right to make the most out of it and compliment your surrounding space. With this in mind, below are our top three dark hallway lighting ideas for creating a stylish and modern hallway.

Create a Focal Point

The best lighting for dark hallways will illuminate your space, create an atmosphere, and add to your interior design. 

When designing your hallway lighting, you may want to style your lighting to create a decorative focal point. This will draw the eye upward, which will help create the illusion of greater space. 

Lighting styles such as semi-flush ceiling lights make for great statement lighting pieces as they provide a bold decorative element in your hallway as soon as someone enters your home. 

Pendant ceiling lights are also an on-trend option. They can be installed along the centre of your hallway to instil a sense of style and symmetry into its design whilst gently directing light to the areas that need it most. 

Our collection of hallway lighting offers all kinds of lighting styles to suit various aesthetics, from modern, industrial, retro, modern, minimalist, so we’re confident you’ll find a style to light up your hallway at Dusk Lighting. 

Layer Different Forms of Lighting 

The hallway is an area that’s highly function-focused, so it’s important to choose the right lighting style to make the most of your space.

In our 2022 guide How to Style and Light a Modern Kitchen, we talk about the three different types of lighting and how you can style them in your space: Atmospheric, functional and decorative. 

Below, we’ve covered how these three lighting styles can be used to best illuminate a dark hallway.

Functional Lighting

Functional lighting, also known as task lighting, is for areas where you need clearer lighting to complete tasks. This could apply to areas such as key hooks or additional lighting around a mirror in the hallway. One of the most popular choices of functional lighting is under cabinet lighting, which can work well under any lipped areas such as shelves or bookcases. 

Atmospheric Lighting

Atmospheric lighting, otherwise known as ambient lighting, is responsible for the overall atmosphere of your room. When it comes to the hallway, ambient lighting is essential as it sets a tone for the rest of your home. This is also where your focal point lighting will come into play, so pendant lighting is a good place to start to get your ambient lighting sorted. 

Decorative Lighting

Decorative lighting, often referred to as accent lighting, is the perfect way to add the finishing touches to your hallway, and you can place decorative lighting in any area of the hallway that you wish to highlight. 

Illuminate Areas of Interest

Once you have lighting that illuminates your hallway at large, sets the tone of your decor, and you’ve installed functional lighting in high-traffic areas which require it, it’s time to look for areas of interest. 

Highlighting areas of interest is a great way to ensure that they are noticed and appreciated and add charm and character to your space. 

You can use wall lighting to highlight functional areas, such as mirrors or coat pegs, or picture lights to illuminate decorative items such as paintings, pictures and ornaments. 

Small Hallway Lighting Ideas

For smaller hallways, you may wish to consider lighting options that don’t intrude on any precious space. 

Instead of investing in decorative lighting, keep walls in a smaller hallway clear of clutter and save this space for functional purposes. For example, recessed wall lighting is a wiser choice than trying to fit under cabinet lighting or intrusive wall lighting designs into your space. This means that you can enter your hallway, find exactly what you need and leave again with minimal fuss. 

LED Hallway Lighting

If you’re wondering how to illuminate a dark hallway, then LED hallway lighting is always a great choice, no matter what lighting style you choose.

Hallways are high-traffic areas, meaning that we tend to use the lights in this space more regularly than those in other areas of the home. Additionally, if your home entrance is particularly small or if you have a dark hallway with no windows, you may find that you use your lights during the day or that they are left on longer than usual. 

LED lights are cost-effective, long-lasting and energy-efficient, making them a great match for dark hallways needing regular light. At Dusk Lighting, most of our lighting styles are compatible with LED bulbs, so it’s worth investing in LED hallway lighting that meets your other requirements. Be sure to browse our collection of LED integrated lights for various on-trend styles to suit your home and brighten your interior.

How to brighten up a dark hallway with no natural light

 As well as installing functional lighting styles, there are a few other dark hallway solutions that you can implement to brighten your hallway instantly. 

Add a Mirror to your hallway

Adding a mirror to your hallway is a simple yet effective solution for creating a sense of space in a narrow area. A mirror will not only amplify your space, but it will also reflect and bounce light around the room, effortlessly illuminating your space.

To make the most of your hallway mirror, remember to position your mirror so that it reflects both natural and artificial light. You can also position your mirror to capture a piece of art or a plant to enjoy an extra decorative effect. 

Opting for a glass front door

Even the smallest panes of glass in the front door or side panels can help introduce more natural light. The light will pour through the hallway and give the illusion of more space. If you’re worried about privacy or security, frosted, stained or opal glass will work just as effectively. 

Stained glass windows are available in several stunning vibrant colours and patterns, giving you much scope for experimenting with lighting. Pick out an accent colour, experiment with colourful shades and instantly elevate your hallway design.

You can also think about stealing light from an adjacent room. As well as the front door, your hallway can benefit from internal doors with clear or translucent glass. This will allow light to flow through the entire ground floor and effortlessly brighten your home.

How to brighten up a dark hallway with no windows

 When considering how to light a dark hallway with no windows, it’s important to consider the design elements of your hallway, as well as your lighting styles. 

For hallways with no windows, it’s best to choose a light colour palette to create an illusion of more space. White floor tiles or a light wood floor with a low sheen will also reflect above lighting beautifully, whilst painting internal walls white will absorb light and give a general sense of brightness. 

Wallpaper for narrow hallways 

In addition to lighting, the right patterned wallpaper can turn what was once a dull cave into a bright and welcoming walk-through area. 

It is important that your hallway isn’t an abandoned space and still reflects your taste and personality. After all, it’s the first room you’re greeted with when you return home from the day.

Opt for light colours to create an illusion of more space. However, creating space doesn’t need to be sterile or cold. You can choose subtle shades of silver, cream, and ivory to create an elegant effect or enjoy delicate browns and pastel colours to complement the overarching theme of your interior. Or, if opting for a pattern, choose vertical stripes to create the impression of height in your hallway and elongate your space.

Shop dark hallway lights at Dusk Lighting today

Hallways are often overlooked, badly lit areas of the home; however, you can bring this area to life with the right lighting style.

By layering different types of lighting, including functional, atmospheric and decorative, and by styling your lights correctly, you can instantly brighten up your dark hallway and make the most of this space.

Here at Dusk Lighting, we have everything you need to make a dark hallway brighter. Shop our full range of lounge and hallway lighting and create an ambient inviting atmosphere in your hallway today!

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