LED Equivalent To Halogen Chart

In recent times, there has been an increase in homeowners and businesses who are choosing LED lighting as a way to light their home and work areas more efficiently. Just as technology is constantly evolving, the lighting industry has also taken steps to show it’s acknowledgement of developing lighting solutions to suit the current times. Though LED lighting has been used for quite a while now, there are still some aspects of this lighting option that may require clarification.

LED light output is measured in lumens rather than watts, which causes confusion for people wanting to find the LED equivalent to the watt ratings of of the traditional incandescent and halogen light bulbs.

At Dusk Lighting we’ve created an easy to digest guide to help you understand what LED lighting is, and how it compares to halogen lights. Our LED equivalent to halogen chart will explain the difference between watts and lumens for better understanding of LED light bulbs.  

What is the difference between LED and halogen lights?

The environmentally friendly factor of LED lights comes from the fact that, when compared to incandescent light bulbs, they take less energy to light up. LED lights don’t create the same harmful CO2 emissions that are produced by the higher amount of energy it takes to light a standard incandescent light bulb. LED lighting has become the go-to lighting option for those looking to reduce energy bills and their impact on the environment.

The new unit of measurement for light bulbs

You may be more familiar with light bulbs being measured by their wattage, with watts being the primary unit of measurement for standard light bulbs. However, many manufacturers are now stepping away from wattage, which measures the power of a light bulb, and instead label their bulbs by lumens. Lumens are an accurate measurement of brightness, and all energy efficient light bulbs, such as LED light bulbs, are now labelled by lumens accordingly.

When it comes to getting the lumen equivalent to a watt, it’s useful to consider that we’re now measuring light bulbs by light output, rather than energy use. LED equivalent wattage measurements are also based on elements such as the colour temperature and quality of the light bulbs themselves, so it makes sense to compare lumens of the same type of light bulb for a more accurate measurement.  

Where can I use LED lights?

LED lights can be used inside and outside of the home for efficient illumination that will be kinder on your wallet as well as the environment. Modern downlights are an effective LED lighting setup to give a sleek and contemporary appearance, offering a subtle and attractive level of brightness that can work well in any room of the home. Dimmable LED downlights lights work perfectly in bedrooms and lounges where ambient, relaxing lighting is key. LED lights are also fantastic when used as exterior lights for illuminating driveways, paths and gardens, as lights that are in use for a long period of time can use up a lot of energy. With outdoor LED lights, you can safely light up the outside of your home for security purposes without the risk of running up a large electricity bill.

The LED light bulbs at Dusk Lighting offer an affordable lighting option for those looking to switch to LED lighting for their interior or exterior lights. Many of our lighting ranges are LED compatible so that you can choose the perfect lights for your home.  

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