Our Top 5 Considerations When Lighting Your Bathroom


It’s important that you properly light your bathroom, no matter what time of year it is. We may not spend hours at a time in our bathrooms, but when we are in there we’re usually completing some sort of beauty or grooming routine – and we can’t do a good job if we haven’t got enough light!


Whether you’re carefully completing your skincare routine or you’re styling your hair for the day, you need to have sufficient lighting in your bathroom day or night, summer or winter. Depending on the layout of your bathroom and how much natural light you have available, you’ll need a variety of different lights available in your bathroom to make the best use of it.


Not sure where to start? Don’t worry! We’ve put together a list of our top 5 considerations when lighting a bathroom to help you find the right lighting solutions for your bathroom.


  1. Is There Any Natural Light In Your Bathroom?

Take a good look at your bathroom at different times of the day to work out how much natural light is available and how you might need to support this with additional lighting. Remember that while your bathroom might look bright and beautiful first thing on a summer’s morning, you may need additional lighting on a grey day or when the shorter days come around in winter!


Move around the bathroom to see if you have enough natural lighting while stood in key areas such as at the bathroom mirror or in the shower. If it’s looking a little dark even in full sunshine, make a note of this and bear it in mind when choosing your bathroom lighting.


  1. How Much Bathroom Light Is Needed?

Think about what you use your bathroom for and how much visibility you need to be able to do it properly. Consider how you use your bathroom to work out how much light is needed there – do you complete your grooming routine primarily in your bathroom, rush in and out on a morning and night, or spend hours relaxing in the bath?


You’ll need a decent amount of light at a wide range for both quick trips to the bathroom, bursts of brighter light at a close range for grooming, and options to dim or reduce lighting to create a relaxing atmosphere.


The amount of additional lighting you’ll need in your bathroom with naturally vary throughout the course of the day depending on the weather and the season, but if you plan your lighting for the darkest scenario and make sure that you leave versatile options for adding or removing light as and when you need more or less, you’ll find that you always have an appropriate bathroom lighting solution to hand!


  1. Where Is Light Needed In Your Bathroom?

While it can be easy to assume that you only need one central ceiling light in a bathroom, you can really benefit from strategically placed lighting in a bathroom. You’ll need to take into consideration the size and shape of your bathroom and whether you can achieve a full coverage of lighting with one or more larger lights.


If you use your bathroom mirror for grooming, you’ll need to make sure that your face is illuminated so you can see it clearly in the mirror, and if you’re planning on creating a relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom, you’ll need the option of dimming or using smaller lighting fittings. This means that the key areas you’ll need to place lighting are the ceiling, walls, and space around your bathroom mirror.


  1. Which Bathroom Lighting to Choose

Consider first the size of your bathroom – small bathrooms can gain full coverage for quick trips via a simple bathroom ceiling light, whereas larger bathrooms may require both a central ceiling light and occasional bathroom wall lights in order to be properly illuminated. To create focused lighting around a bathroom mirror or a focal point in your bathroom, LED spotlights can be a versatile option for bathrooms. For mood lighting, consider purchasing the occasional table lamp if you have the space for them, or alternatively fit your ceiling and wall lights with dimmable bathroom lights.


  1. How To Boost Brightness in Your Bathroom

There are a few tricks to boost brightness in your bathroom without adding even more lighting. Mirrors are a great way to open up a room and also create a way for light to fill a room, as do reflective tiles that allow light to bounce around a room.


Decorating your bathroom in light colours such as warm white tones will also increase the appearance of illumination and create the illusion of space and light. To make the most of your predominantly light decor, consider also creating a focal area in a dark or bold colour and illuminate this area to draw the eye and make the space appear bigger and lighter.


We have a huge range of bathroom lighting available here at Dusk Lighting, so no matter which style and function of lighting you need for your bathroom, you’re sure to find it right here in our bathroom collection. Looking for more tips and tricks? Why not read our Bathroom Lighting Ideas guide?

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