Outdoor Lights: The Ultimate Guide To Illuminating Your Garden

Outdoor lighting

Outdoor gardens are now seen as an extension of indoor living space, with help from modern exterior lighting, outdoor enjoyment doesn’t have to end when the sun goes in. Outdoor lighting has transformed the way we use our gardens, with both functional and attractive lighting available. 

Thoughtfully placed lighting can provide ambiance, create a mood, draw attention away from problem spots while highlighting special garden features.

Choosing outdoor lights can be overwhelming, especially when it’s new territory for you. Here at Dusk Lighting,  we’ve put together a guide exploring the latest outdoor lighting trends while addressing the best areas to place them,  from downlights to spotlights, sensor lights to solar lights, we’ve got you covered.  Whether you’ve got an extensive floral garden or a small paved patio there’s a lighting plan to suit you.

As the evenings begin to warm up, we can look forward to spending relaxing evenings outdoors with our friends and family. Outdoor lighting creates an enchanting and chilled atmosphere, from luxuriously landscaped illuminations to delicately lit dining experiences, there are so many ways you can socialise alfresco once the natural light fades.

Decoration vs Security

When it comes to choosing garden lighting or lights for the exterior of your home, there are certain factors you need to bear in mind so you can make the most of your garden set up. You must consider that they are specifically designed for outdoor use, this ensures the lights are suitable for regularly withstanding the elements, such as wind and rain. Finding the best outdoor lights for your patio and garden spaces involves seeking designs that will also look fantastic all year round,  as your outdoor lighting adds additional decoration to your garden.

The two key functions of outdoor lighting, decoration and security, can work together easily despite your preferred lighting style. Create different zones in your garden to highlight specific areas or stick to lighting up patios and decking spaces where you’re most likely to need the light for socialising. The best living spaces are built with layers in mind, combining different outdoor lights on a few levels can keep your garden looking decorative, secure and inviting. 

Security lighting

Security lighting

Security lighting is used to illuminate pathways, entrances, gardens, and outbuildings. These are used to guide you along paths when it’s dark as well as deterring intruders from your property. Here at Dusk Lighting, our security lights have been designed to blend in with the decor and ambiance of your outdoor space, just because security lighting is a practical addition to your outdoor space, it doesn’t mean it can’t be well stylised and suited to your home and it’s period features.

There’s a number of different types of security lighting, depending on the level of protection you desire:

Motion sensor security lights with built-in CCTV: (such as our Lutec Libra Security and Lutec Elara Security) are great for those who spend long periods of time vacant from the home. Footage can be live-streamed to an app, providing you with peace of mind no matter where you are.

Outdoor security wall lights: (such as our Endon Inova and Eglo Sirmione) are perfect for both commercial and domestic applications. Available in a variety of decorative finishes, outdoor wall lights make a great choice for those wanting to keep their outdoor space as on-trend as possible. Wall lights with added PIR sensors can be activated on movement, making them suitable for lighting paths and doorways.

Motion sensor security lights: (such as our Eglo Detect me range) can detect angles of 180 degrees and up to 12 metres. Illuminating your garden from 10 seconds to 15 minutes, you can fit them to suit you. Keeping your garden or outdoor area safe from unwanted intruders.

Sensor floor security lights: (such as our Eglo Faedo 3 LED)  are compact lights with a powerful integral LED lamp providing a huge lumen of bright white light and a PIR motion activated sensor for added security and energy efficiency. Brilliant for lighting larger gardens.

Bollard or post-security lights: (such as our Eglo Mafria Led outdoor bollard post)  are simple modern designs with effective integrated LED light modules that make a stylish and sleek security light addition to contemporary gardens. 

Security pendant lights: (such as our Kichler Sayre pendant) are a homage to the security and pragmatism of the historic lighthouse, the Sayre collection utilises a prismatic lens, creating a focused beam. They make the ideal complement to any home, bar, restaurant, or workspace.

Decorative outdoor lights

Outdoor wall lights 

Outdoor wall lighting

Decorative garden wall lights can really bring your outdoor area to life and deserve as much care and attention as your indoor decorative touches. Whether you love the traditional look of classic outdoor lantern wall lights or enjoy the sleek appearance of modern outdoor downlights, your lighting choices can transform your house into a home. Using exterior wall lights to add to the layout of your garden can also work in the favour of the overall security of your home; by providing extra lighting around decking, doorways, patio, and alleyways, you can combine the two.

Outdoor pendant lighting

Outdoor pendant lighting

Outdoor pendant lighting adds an elegant, decorative touch to your garden. Whether it’s hanging over an outdoor dining table, in a porch, inside an outdoor cabin, or a permanent outdoor structure, weatherproof pendant lighting can bring the comfort and decoration of the inside, outside.  There are so many styles available, from classic layered pendants with a galvanized finish, to unique architectural shaped structures that create a focal point in any garden, sunroom or patio yard.  Statement lights, such as pendant lighting, can create some incredible bold looks and can be quite the conversation starter. If you’ve got an open plan kitchen area, or your kitchen opens up into the garden then our breakfast bar pendant lights can add an extra style element, while infusing your lighting style into the garden.  

Outdoor ground lights

Outdoor ground lights

This type of outdoor light is a good option for boosting the security of your home, plus the safety of your family. Ground lights can be installed along walkways, paths and driveways to keep everyone safe, but they also add that decorative touch to the exterior of your home. LED bollards, pedestal lights, and larger pillar lights will really elevate the appearance of the exterior of your home, whilst delivering top functionality. 

Ground lights are ideal for highlighting specific areas of the garden or driveway as they provide a pleasing illumination without an overpowering glare. If you have a certain feature or flowerbed area that you’re delighted with, use a few carefully situated solar powered ground lights to draw attention to this space. These often small lights, amassed together or hidden in plantings and walkways are extremely popular in contemporary gardens. They bring raised beds to life, add depth to an area as well as adding an understood accent to landscape features.

Outdoor solar-powered and battery operated lights

Outdoor solar powered lights

Battery operated lights and solar-powered lanterns can light your garden or outdoor area even without a PowerPoint. Hang LED lanterns to illuminate your garden; strong and perfectly formed these rechargeable lights are great for chic outdoor dining, decorating garden get-togethers, or creating an atmosphere throughout summer nights. Solar-powered lanterns are portable, so they can be used to line pathways and add decorative lighting to your garden, as well as providing a light source when camping, picnics, and other outdoor adventures.

These low maintenance lights make an eco-friendly option when creating a cosy corner or the ultimate party space, framing your area with a light glow. Why not experiment with some battery powered fairy lights in the trees or bushes or add some texture to your outdoor dining set with cushions and soft throws. Nothing creates an intimate alfresco dining experience like a scattering of candles, scented one are great for keeping those pesky flying insects at bay. 

Lighting a gazebo 

Whether you’ve got a permanent fixture, or you’ve got one popped up for a party, gazebos are desperate to be illuminated. String lights or LED strip lights are ideal, with their durable cables and extendable lengths, they are perfect for wrapping or hanging. Wooden stationary pergolas look best with symmetrical lighted lines, while gazebo lights look best hung with a soft drape. Timber and greenery make an attractive colour palette to be complimented with white hues. Opt away from harsh colorful lighting if you’re looking for a sophisticated garden finish.

Environmentally friendly lighting

LED lighting (Light Emitting Diodes) is lighting that supports eco-friendly living styles as they have a long life-span that can function for around 100,000 hours.  Easy to install LED lights are energy-saving lighting formats that utilise energy efficiently, without compromising on the brightness of the bulb. Outdoor solar-powered lights are an excellent energy-efficient outdoor lighting option, with them using energy gained from the summer sun to power them into the night. There’s no switching on or off, and they can come in a wide range of stunning designs that can be installed in the ground or on a wall. As well as being environmentally friendly they use renewable energy so save your pocket too.

Are you ready to illuminate your garden?

Outdoor lighting

If you’re considering outdoor lighting, why not check out our ‘How to install outdoor lighting’ blog for advice and tips on how to install them correctly. It’s also beneficial to consult an experienced electrician too, particularly when it comes to outdoor features as there are different considerations to be factored than indoor installations. If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out our full collection of outdoor and garden lighting.  Outdoor wall mounted lights, waterproof ground lights and solar-powered lights work with your property to improve security, whilst adding a decorative element to your garden, patio or driveway.

Take advantage of our technical support helpline where we’d be happy to help with any queries about outside lights: 01392 363200. 

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