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Stuck on lighting options for your child’s bedroom? It’s an understandable issue as you want optimum lighting for your busy bees, but also the right suitability and look to work well in their room. Read ahead for our children’s lighting suggestions that reflect playfulness and charm. Our selection of children’s lights at Dusk Lighting are suitable for children’s bedrooms from newborns right through to teenage years, depending on design. So they can enjoy their lamps and lights for years to come!


Where To Start?

LED lights are ideal for children’s bedrooms as they offer an energy efficient solution and a longer life than regular bulbs, which is handy for when they fall asleep with the light on! We also suggest purchasing a children’s light which can be fitted with a dimmable light. They can be dimmed near bedtime for those who wish to sleep with a comforting light.


Lights For Little Ones

Bring cute characters to life and consider the loveable range of designs within our childrens lighting department. From the Whale table lamp, to the Bumble Bee spot light, you will come across a whole host of adorable characters to allow your child to sleep soundly with their favourite companion by their side offering a reassuring glow throughout the night. Our fun child lights are available from top name brands, including the likes of Eglo and Searchlight. 

Sticking with the cute characters theme, we also have some wonderful wall lights and pendant lights which are bound to add some fun to your child’s bedroom. By opting for colourful children’s lights, you’re providing some playful stimulation that can stand out against a white or cream room. It’s a good way to update the room to make it child-friendly too!


Spotlights For A Star Performer

We believe that spotlights are a great option for lighting up children’s bedrooms; they’re great for lighting up different zones of the room with individual adjustable spotlights, and can provide a focused light suitable for bedtime reading. The EGLO LED Bumble Bee Spotlight is the perfect bedtime reading friend, with a playful bumble bee character emitting a lovely warm white light, which can be dimmable to boot! Install the wall light overhead above the bed or either side for a symmetrical look.

For a colourful wall light option, we recommend the multicoloured EGLO Rainbow Light with two animal spotlights. The frog and teddy bear spotlights will add life and a splash of colour to your child’s room and they are fully adjustable. In the same range from EGLO lights, we also have the curved bar spotlights which feature the same animal characters with added bumble bee and mouse. Choose from the bar spotlights with three or four lights and expect up to 15,000 hours of illumination!

A dimmable lamp can be perfect for little ones as a dimmed light creates a calming atmosphere in the room, preparing them for a blissful night’s sleep (or so parents will hope!). We love the EGLO Speedy Moon and Stars children’s light which can be installed on the ceiling or the wall, and can be fitted with a dimmable light bulb. This wall light would work well in a baby’s bedroom due to the sweet simplicity in it’s design, with a white and pale blue colour scheme.

We also love the night light function of the EGLO Viki 1 wall or ceiling light which features pretty pink flowers or blue cars surrounding a circular light. Switch off the main light and the small lights in the flowers and cars remain on for a further 20 minutes! These lights also offer a wonderful decorative element to the room, and can be mounted to the wall or ceiling.

More Children’s Lighting Tips

Choosing the lighting for a child’s bedroom can be great fun with so many charming options on offer. Here’s some more recommendations and tips we’d like to offer to help you and your child get the best out of their bedroom lighting:

  • Safety First – Always ensure that cables are covered, attached to the wall safely and not trailing on the floor to avoid trips and potentially harmful situations. All light switches at their level should be operating properly too.
  • Have Fun – Everyone loves fairy lights and they are absolutely perfect for a kids bedroom; they offer small glowing lights that can be positioned practically anywhere in their room! Go for vibrant colours or stick to warm white light fairy lights for a calming environment they can relax in.
  • Consider Placement Of Other Lights – With a pendant or ceiling light for the bedroom having been chosen, why not consider a bedside table lamp?
  • Invest In Dimmable Lamps – Not quite a night light but still enough to reassure during the night, a dimmable light for a child’s bedroom can work wonders to keep them happy post-bedtime.

Discover the complete collection of children’s lighting available here at Dusk Lighting to find the ideal light for your child’s room. For older children and teenagers, consider the stylish bedroom lighting range for designer pendant lights, desk lamps and many more!