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Hallway Lighting Ideas

As the entrance to your home, the hallway can make a lasting impression on those who are visiting, and because you will see it every day, importance should be placed on the decoration and lighting of this area. Create a welcoming environment in your hallway by using stylish hallway lighting from Dusk Lighting and change the feel of your home from the start.

A spotlight on your entrance

Downlights and spotlights are a fantastic way to light up any room; they’re sleek, modern and subtle. Opting for a white finish helps the lights blend in well into the ceiling or wall, whilst stainless steel or polished chrome can ensure they become a decorative feature. Spotlights are also a great option for lighting your hallway if you’re short on space with a narrow hall. You can also install them on the lower section of the wall to light the path to the other rooms of your home, or even continue the lighting up the stairs, with a light for each step.

Designer lighting brand Astro offer a stylish selection of adjustable downlights and spotlights suitable for halls. The recessed wall lights from Astro are ideal for creating a smooth finish on your ceiling or wall, and they can also be used in any alcoves. Choose from the different types of recessed spotlights which include round lights or square lights to best suit your hall decor.

Highlight your framed pictures or artwork

Many people use the walls of their hallway to hang their favourite pieces of art or personal photographs of loved ones. Once the daylight fades however, these are often left unseen! With wall mounted lights you’re able to illuminate those framed pieces by providing a softer glow than the harsh main ceiling light. Discover our range of wall lights for some great wall mounted lighting options.

A Welcome Home

Getting home from work or a long journey can feel like the best feeling in the world, but coming home to a dark house can often feel uninviting. Having specially timed hallway lights already on when you get home creates a welcoming, warm feeling.

For those who have a side table in their halls or a shoe cupboard, why not place a lamp on top as a decorative feature alongside a vase of beautiful flowers? For a contemporary light option we love the speckled copper table lamp from Dar Lighting which has a matt black base and distressed glass shade. This Dar light creates a lovely sparkling light effect, ensuring an inviting hallway at night time.

Dar Lighting have an excellent collection of lounge and hallway lighting ideas in various stylish designs and fittings to suit your personal taste. For a more neutral table lamp for your hall, we recommend the Carmelia white cut out table lamp from EGLO which would look great on any side table with it’s delicate glow.

Ceiling Lights For Your Hallway

The hallway ceiling lights at Dusk Lighting offer a plethora of different lighting designs, from the humble pendant light to statement lampshades for a modern touch. The classic antique inspired chandelier is always popular in in hallways due to the decadent look and grandeur of their style which can set the tone for the rest of the decor. Alternatively, Dar Lighting offers some lovely retro inspired single pendant shades with braided cable and light wood ceiling plates that would look fantastic in a neutrally decorated hallway. Astro have a range of simple yet effective round or square shades for a no-fuss approach to lighting your hallway.

For an open plan hallway and staircase you might want to think about how light will travel, and if you’d prefer one main light on the first floor with several smaller lights in the hall. We have some wonderful pendant lights that would be perfect for your hallway. We hope you’ve gained some inspiration from our post on hallway lighting ideas and feel encouraged to add to or update your existing hall lights. From spotlights to table lamps, there’s so much you can do with hall lights. Now it’s time to browse through our full range of lounge and hallway lighting and refresh the look of your hallway with our selection of designer lights at Dusk Lighting.