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Fitting A New Light

A ceiling light is often the main light source in each room, so it’s important to pick one that’s right for your needs, and one that you can install with ease. Whether you’re simply replacing a light fixture or you’re installing a brand new wall light, read on for our advice on how to fit a ceiling light in your home. You’re spoilt for choice with our ranges of ceiling lights and recessed ceiling lights, such as spotlights, here at Dusk. We’ve recommended some of our favourite lights that are bound to inspire you in your quest for the perfect lighting setup.
Remember, for health and safety reasons, all light installations should start with switching off the power. Use a socket tester or voltage meter for lighting circuits. It’s worth noting that pendant light fittings can only support a lightweight bulb and lampshade, so fittings over 2kg must be chain supported for extra security.

How To Fit A Ceiling Light

  1. When the power has been disconnected, prepare the junction box and ensure that there are three wires visible: two for power and a third wire that acts as an electrical ground.
  2. Attach a mounting bracket using a screwdriver, making sure it’s fixed level to the ceiling to avoid an uneven/wonky light fitting and double check hanging height.
  3. Connect the wires by marrying the colours or as recommended by the light manufacturer – twist the ends together then cap to cover and secure the ends.
  4. Affix the pendant lighting cover and tighten until it rests firmly against the ceiling with no exposed wires.
  5. Unthread the nut on the lampshade mount over the bulb socket, then slide the shade over the threads and replace nut to secure. Screw in the correct voltage bulb and switch on power to test.

How to replace a ceiling light

Mostly, it’s a case that a ceiling fixture base will be held in place to an outlet box by two screws. Installing or replacing a ceiling light should be pretty straight forward as the wiring for a ceiling light is pretty simple.

  1. Remove the light shade and light bulb from fixture.
  2. Unscrew the screws holding the fixture to the ceiling.
  3. Lower the fixture base and remove the electrical tape or wire nuts from the black (hot) wire, white (neutral) wire and green (ground) wire.
  4. Attach the wires from the new fixture with wire nuts to the corresponding wires in the electrical box.
  5. Raise and position the new base so that you can screw the new screws through it to attach it to the mounting strap.
  6. Screw in the new light bulb, reinstall the cover and turn on the power to test!

Contemporary ceiling lights at Dusk Lighting

So now you know how to fit a ceiling light, why not purchase a new fitting for your home? At Dusk Lighting we offer such an impressive range of lighting options suitable for every room! From standard lampshades to statement light fittings, there’s a ceiling light to suit every interiors theme. Dar Lighting are a brand that constantly pushes the boundaries with their modern lighting designs. Get your statement lighting fix with the selection of Dar Lighting ceiling lights which feature crystals and polished chrome finishes for a decadent look that would be right at home in any hallway! Their beautiful silk lampshades with white cotton light diffusers would make a wonderful addition to a lounge, whilst the Dar Lighting bar spotlights in satin chrome will boost the style factor in a modern kitchen setting. Our range of kitchen lights provide even more stylish lighting options.

If you’re keen to keep on top of the latest home interiors trends, we suggest taking a look at the copper lights from EGLO. Copper finishes work well in industrial inspired interiors, and they look good as an alternative accent colours in a monochrome theme. Blend the trend perfectly with a copper suspension kit or go for a contemporary copper geometric lampshade that would look fabulous as a breakfast bar light.

How to fit spotlights

Ceiling spotlights and downlights are such popular lighting styles due to their modern appearance and sleek finish. We offer a great range of modern ceiling spotlights from designer lighting brands such as Astro which feature contemporary polished chrome and brushed nickel finishes. The Astro spotlights at Dusk Lighting provide a chic alternative to the singular ceiling light to suit your home interiors perfectly. For bathrooms, kitchens and hallways, we love the look of ceiling spotlights and downlights. 

If you fancy a change in your home and wish to install spotlights, be aware that there’s a little extra work that needs to be done to fit them, so here’s some tips on how to install recessed spotlights:

  1. Installing spotlights obviously requires cutting holes into the ceiling to accommodate each light, so you will need to lift the floorboards in the above room to make sure that there are no obstructions, pipes or cables that could cause an issue when you begin.
  2. If your recessed spotlights do not come with a template for marking the hole on the ceiling, simply use a compass and pencil to create the fitting hole and drill a small hole just inside the circle. Make sure you’re wearing safety goggles and mask!
  3. Double check that all is clear from above underneath the floorboards before continuing, then from below work with a plasterboard saw or a pad saw to cut around the pencil marked circle.

Next, it’s time to connect the spotlights to the mains (use a voltage tester to ensure the power is off for this):

  1. For each spotlight you will need to split the supply cable at a three-terminal junction box and reconnect the matching cores at each terminal, then clip the new spotlight cables to the sides of the joists to make the connection.
  2. The recessed spotlight should fit into place on spring grips that will fit into the plasterboard around it.
  3. Sand the plaster or filler around the spotlight smooth then repaint to blend into the ceiling seamlessly.

Be aware that spotlights can overheat and become a potential fire risk – always check the manufacturer’s instructions before installing for optimum safety at all times. Check the ventilation and move any insulation materials away from the spotlight. So, there you have our brief guide on how to install ceiling lights and recessed spotlights in your home. We advise that you always read and follow manufacturers instructions on how to fit a ceiling light to get the best out of your purchase. If you’re feeling like a change or simply want to install a brand new ceiling light, then take a look at our impressive ranges of ceiling mounted lights and recessed ceiling lights for some superb and modern lighting options.