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Our big tips for lighting a small room

Whether it’s a spare room, an office or maybe even a bedroom, we all have that one small room that needs brightening up. When you’re decorating a small room, lighting is key in creating the perfect optical illusion of having more space in your pocket-sized palace, while accessories like floor lamps and wall lamps can make a difference when strategically placed. Here are our top ideas for brightening a small room in your humble abode!

Light up your small room with ceiling lights 

Fitted ceiling lights that are flat are a wonderful way to brighten up a small room if your ceiling is relatively low and there is a significant lack of floor space. A light that is flush with the actual ceiling will spread the light across the room and also give the illusion of a slightly higher ceiling in your room. Spotlights are also ideal for lighting a small room as you can direct the light to darker corners of your room while also lighting up the centre. If fitted lights aren’t to your taste, uplights can brighten your small room. Each one will bounce light off the ceiling and sending it downwards to chase away any potential shadows. Avoid anything too clunky or large, and stick with slim, compact designs that you can adjust to suit your mood.

Lighten a small room with wall lights

Create a beautiful ambiance by brightening up your small room with wall lights. By playing strategically placing them slightly higher than normal, you’ll create the optical trick of having a higher ceiling, and the light will bounce off the room more to lighten up any shadowy corners. Aim for petit and sleek designs rather than ornate wall lights to create a minimalist decor that won’t overcrowd your room.

Accessories to light up a small room

This particular one of our small lighting ideas requires careful attention and planning to pull off; however, when done correctly, it is incredible. Layer up your lighting game with floor lamps place them in areas where your ceiling lights cannot quite reach. By putting a floor lamp in the corners of a room or beside an armchair, you’ll brighten up your small room with plenty of light. The tall floor lamp will trick the eyes and lead the gaze upward to focus on the height of the lamp to create an illusion of space. With small side tables, use unique lamps that can also serve as ornaments, yet keep in mind that stick lamps and compact designs will be your best friend when trying to brighten up a small room.

Keep it clear to brighten your small room

The main aim of lighting a small room is to ensure your lighting fixtures remain unintrusive so you can make the most of the space you do have. Translucent lighting fixtures like pendant lights and almost transparent ceiling lamps are just the ticket and will help the light to expand across the room. It’s perfect if you don’t quite have enough room for a floor lamp or table lamp on a side unit. Plus, their sleek design will remain timelessly modern enough to complement your decor even when you decide to switch it up a bit. 

With our tips on how to brighten a small room, you’ll bring out the best in your home with our unique lighting designs at Dusk Lighting. Find more small room lighting ideas such as living room lights, bedroom lighting, and more online now.