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How To Light A Stairway

A stairway is such a versatile space to decorate, and a part of a home that often gets overlooked, despite its frequent daily use. If you’re looking for ways to update your hallway and staircase, there’s so many things you can do that can be as inexpensive and effortless as you like! Here are just a few simple ways to update your stairway:

  • Give the walls a lick of paint – Smarten up tired walls with a fresh layer of paint – lighter colours will brighten a small staircase. Or invest in a patterned wallpaper to add an extra decorative touch to the wall.
  • Put up some favourite artwork or framed family photographs – Stairwells offer generous wall space for putting up pictures, so take advantage of this and select some inspiring artwork or memorable family moments and create your own gallery wall.
  • Replace the banister – For a more expensive, long term update, why not replace the banister on your stairs to something modern? This could include some metal framework or a mix of metal and wood for something different, or stripped back wooden banister for a more rustic finish.

There’s many ways to decorate your stairway or improve the look of the area, and at Dusk Lighting we’ve got some fantastic lighting solutions that may work perfectly if you want to know how to light a stairway.

Before we show you our top lighting suggestions, there’s some elements to consider when thinking about how to light a stairway, including:

  • Practicality – Appropriate lighting is always imperative for a staircase due to the health and safety aspect, so dimly lit lights may not work well in this area. Stick to brighter lights but be sure to avoid the type that will cause a glare.
  • Preferred style – If your home interiors errs on the side of a more traditional aesthetic, then installing modern lights may cause the styles to clash. Whilst a mix of new and old can work well, this should be thought out beforehand to avoid a battle of themes! There’s plenty of lighting designs on offer in our extensive light ranges, you’re guaranteed to find the right one for your home.
  • Make it a feature – Not only are lights a practical function in the home, they can also be highly decorative. Consider ways to install lights in your home that will enhance the look of your hallway, such as the underside of the staircase.

Classic Wall Lights

If you’re keen to light up your stairs using multiple wall lights then Dusk Lighting is the perfect place to look for a wide range of different styles. From wall lights that sit flush to the wall, to elaborate wall lamps that offer a designer look, our collection of wall lights will work for any room in your home, so why not choose them for your staircase? Wall mounted lights on a stairway can offer a soft glow for a visually appealing look that can be placed at regular intervals up the stairs or can highlight artwork mounted on the wall.

Contemporary pendant lights

If you have an open staircase, a pendant light on the landing, which light can reach down the flight of stairs, can have just the same effect as wall lights when chosen correctly. As staircases often suffer from a lack of natural light, having an efficient and innovative lighting solution on the landing can aid this issue. Multiple pendant lights, either installed individually or as part of one lighting design, is a modern look that would suit a contemporary home. Jump on the copper lighting trend or go for clear glass pendant lights with our range of ceiling lights that would light up any landing and staircase in style.

Sleek recessed wall lights

If you’re searching for subtle lighting that will add a touch of style to your staircase, look no further than the Astro recessed wall lights. This unobtrusive lighting choice is popular among homeowners and the LED lights also make this option energy efficient. The recessed lights also mean a reduction of the possibility of a glare. Whether you choose the recessed wall lights with a surround fitting such as stainless steel, or opt for a trimless light like the Astro Leros wall lights below, a small light for each step guides the way beautifully. Not only do they look brilliant, but wired separately, these stair lights can be left on as nightlights to safely light up the stairs at night. Just try not to make the stairway look like a runway!

Decadent chandeliers

Similar to the pendant lighting previously mentioned, a set of chandeliers can be installed in an open hall and also on the landing for a coordinated look that can expertly light up your staircase with a lavish touch. This stairway lighting option would suit traditionally styled homes, and the multiple lights on a chandelier will give out plenty of much needed light. We love the Firstlight Regency five light pendant finished in antique silver for an update on the classic crystal glass embellished chandelier, and we also stock many of those more classic, glamorous styles in our complete selection of chandeliers.

We hope this has helped you in finding out more on how to light a stairway. Take a look at our complete stairwell lighting range at Dusk Lighting for even more lighting ideas for your staircase and entrance halls. Enjoy free UK delivery when you spend over £39 on a single order!