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Our Dining Room Lighting Ideas

Dining room light ideas can leave a lot of people a little stumped. When it comes to sprucing up your home, your dining room lighting really sets the scene. It’s the space for Sunday dinners with the family, board game nights with the neighbours, baby’s first Christmas lunch, where the kids do their homework, and where you can both head for a little glass of wine together when everyone is tucked up in bed. So you want this family hub to have dining room lighting to illuminate your memories by ensuring the room is well lit as well as decorative. From lighting over dining room tables to modern dining room light designs, here are some of our top dining room lighting ideas to kickstart your imagination!

Glass wall lamp

Vintage-inspired dining room lighting

Vintage-inspired dining room lighting can really set the tone of your room. From Victorian-style wall lamps that take inspiration from oil lamps to a chic nod to the seventies, mixing and matching between eras has never been easier. A mish-mash of eras works best when choosing between decades that sit beside each other. Think mixing the sixties mod wall lights with the seventies influences showcased in lighting over the dining room table. For turning back time even further, overlapping twenties art deco dining room wall lights with some table lights paying homage to the thirties and forties looks glamorous as well as elegant.

Modern dining room lighting

Minimalist yet sophisticated as well as sleek yet down to earth, modern dining room lighting trends create a warm home environment without making too much of a fuss. Less is more with modernism, and you can do more with less. Simple silver pendant lights or exposed bulbs over your dining table take a no-nonsense approach when it comes to complementing your interiors and can be reused even when you change your dining room decor. Alternatively, the unique vibes of geometric dining room lighting are attractive without being too loud or overpowering.

Ceiling pendant lights in a row
Ceiling pendant light with cut out design

Statement dining room lighting

Your dining area lighting is usually at the centre of the room, so why not make a statement with dining area lighting that’s unique? This particular aesthetic works wonders for dining rooms with neutral colour palettes and if you’re not much of a fan of clutter. Think of your statement dining room lighting as an art piece for guests to marvel at whether it’s dining room wall lighting or lighting over a dining room table.

Dining room lighting fit for royalty

If you’ve spent the lockdowns binge-watching Escape to the Chateau, you will fall head over heels amoureuse with this dining room lighting trend. Our chandelier dining room lights will make your dining experience a feast for your eyes and make you feel like a queen in the Chateau de Versailles. This particular style is a dining room lighting fixture full of contradictions; chandeliers are simultaneously opulent yet classy, subtle and delicate, yet flashy and bold. They’re both vintage and classic yet also timeless. If you’re looking for dining room lighting fit for royalty then chandelier lighting over a dining room table, like our candelabra designs, will create a period drama aesthetic fresh out of Pride & Prejudice while remaining modern.

Hanging chandelier candelabra