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Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Here at Dusk Lighting, we are obsessed with illuminating any space for a cosy and warm glow. This is why in the past, we have brought you the ultimate guide on why you should add outdoor lighting into your garden, both for security and practical purposes. But we thought we would take that idea one step further and help you to imagine all the ways in which you can add stylish and on-trend lighting to your garden for a truly Instagram worthy backdrop and welcoming space for you to spend long summer nights with friends. 

Here you have just a taste of the possibilities imaginable with our top 10 outdoor lighting ideas so that you can get started on your style and inspiration journey. Plus, with our wide range of outdoor lighting available online now, you are sure to find the perfect option to suit any size and space on your property. Keep reading to find out how you can light up your garden in a plethora of stylish and creative ways. 


Illuminate with Outdoor Pendant Lights 

Not just for use in the living room, a pendant light is the perfect way to create a focal point for an alfresco dining area. After all, what could be more interesting than bringing the inside outdoors with a stylish pendant hanging over a picnic table? At Dusk Lighting, we have a wide range of stylish and practical outdoor pendant lights that look perfect hanging from rafters or canopies. 


Line Steps with Decorative Lighting 

If your garden features patio steps or stairs leading up to decking, then add a warm glow that will accentuate the different levels of your outdoor space with layered step lighting. Choose a variety of small and simple ground lights, lamps and lanterns to layer subtle bursts of light together for a cosy and welcoming space. Plus, by adding small touches of light all around your garden as opposed to one fixed point, you can create the illusion of more space by casting light around the area, as well as offering a safe way for guests to navigate around your garden in the dark.


Create a Cosy Space with an Outdoor Lamp 

Lamps are not just for indoors and are actually an excellent way to add subtle warmth to your patio area for late nights spent in the garden. Whether you’re gathered around with friends or enjoying your own company with a good book, illuminate a small space with a simple outdoor table lamp to create a centre point on a picnic bench or table. Alternatively, why not illuminate a corner of the garden by a lounge chair with a tall floor lamp casting out a subtle glow perfect for one?


Style your own Canopy with Twinkling Fairy Lights

Of course, what is outdoor lighting without at least a small smattering of fairy lights? It’s easy to weave fairy lights throughout garden shrubbery or wrap them around tree trunks, but why not go one step further to create a guaranteed sky full of stars? Create your own canopy style seating area by hanging rows of fairy lights across beams, rafters or fences to create a quasi-ceiling of glowing lights.


Keep it Traditional with Bollards

If you prefer a traditional style, why not adorn your outdoor area with rustic and antique style lamp posts? If you’re looking to create a courtyard vibe for your outdoor space, then lining the corners of your garden with lamp posts is an excellent way to add Victorian charm to your home. Decorate around the bases of your bollards and lamp posts with potted plants in a vibrancy of colours to marry together the rustic and bright styles.


Downplay Lighting with Camouflage Lights

At Dusk Lighting, we understand that not every lighting option needs to be a bold and decorative show. So, if you’re looking for a way to light up your garden by casting glows onto your natural landscape, then you should consider camouflaging your lights by choosing recessed or ground lighting. Camouflage ground lighting between potted plants and decorative ornaments for a laid back style that highlights the areas of your garden that you want on show.


Layer Your Lighting

Instead of choosing a show-stopping light display, create a softer, effortless glow to add to a cosy and intimate atmosphere. Perfect for late evening picnics and drinks, layer lighting through LED candles and lamps in an array of styles and sizes. By dotting layered lights around your outdoor space, you can control where your guest’s eyes travel, so if you have a particular decoration or area you want to showcase, you can easily and subtly light these displays up with simple layered lighting.


Choose Whimsy with an Outdoor Chandelier 

For many of us, when we want to spend time in our gardens, we want to indulge in a little escapism and feel as though we have been transported somewhere else. If you are someone who loves a whimsical outdoor space, then add light in the form of a grand outdoor chandelier. You may be wondering how these two styles fit together, but the result is actually a beautiful and seamless clash of styles that create a wonderland style.


Unique Style is Easy with Orb Lighting

For an up and coming trend, choose orb lighting for a unique design choice that will get people talking. Float them around your garden for little bursts of light or layer orbs of different sizes together to create a creative focal point your guests will love. This modern style is the perfect option for lovers of cutting-edge design.


Frame your Garden with Wall Lighting 

Choose a classic style for your garden with a plethora of stylish wall lighting options. At Dusk Lighting, you can explore a wide range of wall-mounted lights which when lined up together can cast a shining glow across your garden. For a modern style, why not explore recessed wall lights also on offer which will add the same bright glow but in a more subtle fashion perfect for minimalist style patios?